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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fantastic Review!

*Reviewed by Bitten By Books Rating: 5 out of 5 Tombstones


What do you get when you mix the Muse of Laughter, a calamity-ridden man, a fantastically eccentric red head, a Chihuahua with the heart of a rottweiler, and a task from the Gods? An utterly fabulous story filled with humor and depth, that's what. This story practically flew off the pages and I had so much fun... I loved this spin on Greek Mythology...and the back story for Drew's family curse was interesting. The interplay between the different deities was well done and a rather humorous version of what was said to happen rather frequently when Olympians take sides. I also got a real kick out of Thalia's various shoe stores. I highly recommend this tale if you're looking for a laugh out loud story that is the perfect remedy for a downer of a day or a long day at work.

Reviewer: Sarai

Big Day! Big Day! for No Funny Stuff!

Song of the Muses Book III is RELEASED!

Wow, what an experience it's been. I must say the best part was meeting the Muse writers. Alisha Paige is the Best of the Best people I've ever met. Masha Holl and Hywela Lyn (Both have marvelous stories in Book II) have been adorable. The other muses were just fabulous folk, and I'm proud to have worked with many of them.

My title, No Funny Stuff!, did pretty well, staying #1 on The Wild Rose Press's Bestsellers List for a solid month, and sat on the Bestsellers List over 2 months! I'm very proud. TWRP was wonderful to me, and my editor Ami was awesome. It feels like the end of something great, even though I'll have a long history with TWRP. More stories are coming. I have two more contracts in the works with other publishers.

Writing for Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, was a whole lot of fun. I just might write another. She's a wealth of unmined gold.

Buy your copy now! E-book or paperback! Your favorite flavor! Laughs aplenty!

Love, Michele

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hop on the Christmas Ride!

Welcome to our newest contest


To spread more Christmas cheer, we're giving one lucky person a $75 Wild Rose Press gift certificate! All you need to do to enter is attend each day's blog post, identify the carol, and make a complete carol list to submit after the final blog post of Christmas Eve. Don't forget to check the list twice!

Send it to Christmasrideblog@live.com by midnight, CST Dec. 31st 2008!

Win a Free PDF copy of my Fantasy Romance NO FUNNY STUFF!

Here's your Christmas clue for this blog:

"In the meadow, we can build a snowman,"

Post the name of this carol AND YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS in the comments of this blog, and I'll draw a name to receive a free copy of my hilarious Fantasy Romance NO FUNNY STUFF!, a tale for Thalia, the Greek muse of Comedy!

And here's your next link on the CHRISTMAS RIDE! Have fun!

Teri Wilson's Blog

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Love, Michele

Monday, November 10, 2008

No Funny Stuff! - 5 out of 5 Tombstones!

No Funny Stuff! rocks Bitten By Books!

*Reviewed by Bitten By Books
Rating: 5 out of 5 Tombstones
Bitten By Books <- Read the Review in its entirety!

…What do you get when you mix the Muse of Laughter, a calamity-ridden man, a fantastically eccentric red head, a Chihuahua with the heart of a rottweiler, and a task from the Gods? An utterly fabulous story filled with humor and depth, that’s what. This story practically flew off the pages and I had so much fun… I loved this spin on Greek Mythology…and the back story for Drew’s family curse was interesting. The interplay between the different deities was well done and a rather humorous version of what was said to happen rather frequently when Olympians take sides. I also got a real kick out of Thalia’s various shoe stores. I highly recommend this tale if you’re looking for a laugh out loud story that is the perfect remedy for a downer of a day or a long day at work.
Reviewer: Sarai

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wooooooooooo! Haunted Blog!

I’m so excited! So much happening!

Want to win a free e-book? Check out these Haunted Blogs and win free stuff!

Skhye Moncrief
Alisha Paige
Tarah Scott
Betty Hanawa
Marly Mathews
Elizabeth Melton Parsons
Brenda Weaver
Alien Places
Hywela Lyn
Sheri Lewis Wohl
Sister Writers
PL Parker
Sky Purington Writes
Barbara Edwards
Beth Caudill
Susanne Saville

This Halloween I’ll be at The Wild Rose Press’s 24-hour Halloween Bash! If you ever wanted to chat with a TWRP author, now’s your chance! Come party with us! Who knows might stop by! The ghost of King Arthur! Wolves and witches of every description! The devil himself! A popular politician! The Wild Rose Press!

I’ll be holding a contest from 11am to 11:20am, giving away an e-book copy of my Bestselling novella, No Funny Stuff!, a tale for the Muse of Comedy! Don’t miss a chance to win a free e-book. More fun than a propeller beanie.

Or, better yet, don’t miss out on reading No Funny Stuff! for yourself for only $3! Cheaper than a sense of humor transplant! NFS! stayed on TWRP’s Bestsellers List for 2 months! Find out why!
Buy Link:

Halloween night, I’ll be at the #1 Halloween party in 100 miles radius! I’m lugging out my fire-dragon sorceress costume—my very favorite costume--and going to town. The party’s thrown at a with cool things to look at and good food and drink. I can hardly wait. I don’t get out much.

I love this costume because the corset was made by a friend of mine who has passed away--too early--so wearing it is one of those times when I honor his memory. Gold leather with a dragon etched into it, identical to the dragon necklace of the costume. Wearing his creation on the night the dead are closest to the veil separating the worlds, I think of him.

Bless you, Bret, wherever you are, and thank you for your talent and craftsmanship.

Everyone commenting on my blog will be entered into a drawing for a copy of my Greek Romance novella, No Funny Stuff!

Everyone, have a safe and fun night,

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

PINK RIBBONS! Laughter: An Essential Part of Breast Cancer Recovery

“Laugh when you can. It is the best medicine.” Lord Byron

How can a few jokes change the course of breast cancer?

Researchers are finding that those who laugh a lot through their breast cancer treatments have a high rate of recovery and a low rate of remission. Why, you ask? Laughter floods our bodies with chemicals called endorphins. These ‘happy” chemicals alter our bodies into staying happy. Becoming happy creates a chemical map to remain happy. It’s a lot like smiling when you don’t feel like it. Fake a few smiles when you’re unhappy, and you’ll find yourself feeling better and spreading joy beyond yourself.

But, can laughter kill cancer, physically-speaking?

"One characteristic of the cancer patient who does well,” says Dr. Michael B. Van Scoy-Morsher, an oncologist in California, “is the ability to often put cancer in the background for periods of time."

That’s what laughter can do, put breast cancer on the back burner of the body and healing in the forefront. Humor gives us power over things that bring us down, gives life to hope, and hope to life. The worst problem can lift a bit with a hardy guffaw or a bashful smile. Laughing relieves the stress that contributes to cancer, giving our bodies a “vacation”.

Humor affects our entire brain, especially the prefrontal cortex, the nest of perception and mood. The emotions and moods we experience directly affect our immune system, strengthening our fight against the challenge of breast cancer. Laughter often shows us what’s most important and real in life. A sense of humor allows us to perceive and appreciate the incongruities of life and provides moments of joy and delight. These positive emotions can create neurochemical changes that will buffer the immunosuppressive effects of diseases and stress. That’s helping your treatment along the way.

The secret of laughter … is that our bodies are hardwired with some surprisingly powerful natural reactions to extended hearty laughter. These side effects include:

•Blood & all major organs are fully oxygenated leaving us bursting with energy
•Blood pressure drops, circulation improves and pulse rate drops
•Depression is lifted, even chronic depression is often cured
•High endorphin levels put us in a great mood and reduce any aches & pains
•Immune, digestive & sexual systems that are switched off by stress are switched on
•Self confidence is boosted, communication skills and creativity are boosted
•Our lymphatic system is massaged and our immune systems boosted
•Stress levels reduce by 75% or more and we become more stress resistant
(Source: Laughter Yoga)

Humor is the Anti-Cancer. Laugh at the enemy and you will win the everyday battles.

So chuckle when your hair falls out from chemo. Buy crazy wigs. Use this chance to see how you’d look in different hairstyles and colors! Write a funny song about mammograms and sing it to your friends and yourself every day. Smile at your kids at play. Snicker when your dog chases his tail. Build yourself a DVD collection of movies that crack you up. Collect jokes, plan fun. Imagine that breast cancer as a small adversary to your grand attitude. Time flies when you’re having fun!

A breast cancer diagnosis is not a choice; it’s a challenge. How you face and deal with your breast cancer is your choice. Laugh your way into more life. Make breast cancer your favorite target of hilarity and humiliation. Attack the attack, a German martial arts concept. Make your humor more progressive than your sickness.

Here’s to LaughAngeles.com and their list of 40 Laughter Exercises!:

Wishing you good health of body and laughter of soul.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Zero-G off into the Stars

My next story, Zero-G, is off to the Worlds of Submissions.

This one's special to me. I'll not say why specifically. It'll be obvious to any reader.

Cross your fingers for me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


I'm so pleased to tell you
my Greek Myth novella,
No Funny Stuff!, is a #1 Bestseller!
That's a great sign for the entire series.
I'm so tickled to be a part of all of it.

Monday, September 1, 2008

NO FUNNY STUFF! Hits #3 on TWRP's Bestsellers List!

I'm beside myself with pride. Another of my babies have hit the Bestsellers Lists for their publishers. Both hit Lucky #3.

Hooray for Thalia!
Her first Bestseller!

Read the Fabulous Reviews and Steamy Excerpts Here!

Did you see the Book Trailer? Don't wait!

No Funny Stuff!, a tale for the Muse of Comedy, costs a big $3!
Funnier than a stump! Less than a cup at Starbuck's and much longer lasting!
WARNING: Will cause chuckles and snorts!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Person Most Excited

The greatest people I've come across in my life are a wonderful couple named Ron and Roberta Parshley. Bobbie Parshley is the most giving of people, sacrificed time with her husband so that he could help someone in need. If she ever complained, and she had the right to, I never saw it. I had the chance to live with them for a while, and I never saw a more generous person. Roberta Parshley has the most perfect soul possible in a human. She lives on an Alabama farm now around family and animals, her greatest loves. God, wait to take her sweet soul to Heaven just a little bit longer than she wants to hang out so the people around her can be so lucky.

Thank you, Bobbie, for all you gave me, much more than you know. You're the closest person to being a saint I've ever known. I love you, Bobbie.

Ron Parshley. I don't know where to start. He was my mentor, my life's best friend, my father, priest, my fellow journeyman on this path. Although I'd spent my life studying the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Ron opened the entire world of history to me on so many more planes, spiritually most importantly. More than just myth but the development of the soul, of God. He changed me immensely. Ronald Parshley, Lord Sylvanis, had been one of the co-founders of both the National Association of Pantheism and The Pagan Allied Network, a direct initiate from Alexander Sanders' hand. I'm so very proud to be of that line :-) The entire pagan world with miss him until we pass from this life. Freedom of Religion in the United States owes much to dedication and love of Ronald Allan Parshley. So do I. He was my most beloved cheerleader in writing. He'd had so much faith in me, he'd recommended me to a very well-known pagan author and personality for the position of co-author of her upcoming book. I'd declined, unready for such a big task. He'd be so proud to see me Greek Myth Romance. He'd be the person most excited for me. I lost Ron in 2001, about a month after 9/11. He's my life's greatest loss. He'll always be missing. I love you, Ron.

Friday, August 15, 2008

It's NO FUNNY STUFF!'s Big Day!

Wow! A year ago, I wouldn’t have believed anyone who told me I’d be involved in a novella anthology and write a Myth Romance nor a comedy. Now I’ve been asked to do another. It’s been a priceless experience. I’m so proud, my smile makes my cheeks ache.


is the first of two tales of
Thalia, the Muse of Comedy!

Something's Rotten at the Gates of Heaven

Under conspiratorial inspiration of Olympian thrones,
Thalia, the Muse of Comedy,
sends a blessing of love and laughter to Drew Murphy,
a young man cursed to a short and miserable life.
But when her favorite messenger Daisy Sullivan
accidentally launches the magic
--wrong time, wrong place, wrong method, wrong everything!--
Thalia must force to light buried secrets
of a millennia-old family curse
and face down a most vengeful Immortal
on his own bloody stage
if she wishes to free both Drew and Daisy from an unJust fate.
Ares, the ruthless God of War,
loves only one thing as much as he loves bloodshed....
How's Thalia supposed to make THAT funny?
At least, she's wearing her best sandals!

$3.00, less than a cup of Starbuck’s Coffee and more laughs!
What a bargain! :-)

Buy My Book!
Have you bought my book yet?
My family says I’m worth $3, but not much more.

Love, Michele

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Holding the Baby! LAD in PRINT!

My baby is in my hands!

It's one thing to have e-books.
It's the next cool step to hold your story in paperback.
This week I plan to sneak into Books-A-Million,
put my book on the Romance shelf, and take a picture of it. :-)

Here's a secret:
If you buy one copy through Amazon.com, you pay for shipping.
Buy two copies, and you get shipping FREE!
Give your second copy to a friend who likes Sexy Suspense!

Read Wonderful Reviews
and Steamy Excerpts!
Watch the Video!

What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Announcing AMUSE ME!

In the last few days, I've been invited to return for another Muse anthology, which I think is super-cool!

Look for AMUSE ME, another tale of the Muse of Comedy, in 2009!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Introducing THE VICTORY OF LUGH, available NOW!

Valerie Everhart wrote the story for Polyhymnia, the Muse of Hymns, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Thrust through time to the dark ages of Ireland, Hymnia, Muse of Glorious Praise, finds Dacien, the Laird of Castle Lugh, anything but god-like. She uncovers the mystery of the disappearing women of the castle, but loses her heart to the very person she suspects is the killer, in THE VICTORY OF LUGH.


Valerie Everhart's Web site

Valerie's Blog

Introducing NO FUNNY STUFF!, available NOW!

Michele Hart (Hey! That's Me!) wrote the story for Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Dispatching her favorite messenger to deliver laughter to a dying man, Thalia, the Muse of Comedy, faces down ancient curses and a vengeful Immortal bent on watching generations suffer. She'd rather be shoe-shopping! Luckily for Thalia, the God of War’s only weakness is Comedy’s greatest ally! NO FUNNY STUFF here!

NO FUNNY STUFF! is available NOW!

My Web site

Thalia's MySpace Page! What fun!

Introducing A LOVE BEYOND TIME, available NOW!

Alisha Paige wrote the story for Clio, the Muse of History, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Cursed for mocking Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Clio, Muse of History, and her lover are thrust back in time to the Salem witch trials and then the Italian Renaissance. Only love can save them both, but is it enough? Is their love A LOVE BEYOND TIME?


Alisha Paige's Web site

Alisha's Blog

Introducing DANCING WITH FATE, available now!

Hywela Lyn wrote the story for Terpsichore, the Muse of Dance, for the anthology
Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

The task assigned to Terpsichore, Muse of Dance, appears simple enough - to restore a love of dancing, to the Celts. However, all is not as it seems. Danger follows. Legends are threatened; and she did not mean to lose her heart , or have to save the man she loves by DANCING WITH FATE.


Hywela Lyn's Web site

Hywela Lyn's Blog

Introducing ERATO'S TEARS, available now!

Reece Herring wrote the story for Erato, the Muse of Erotic Love, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

A love cut short, burns eternally bright. Beyond Hades domain and perilous encounters, two mortals fight to discover their passion. Will their untried bond endure? Can the Muse of Love overcome the destructive power of one Gods revenge, and right the wrongs of history? Only ERATO’S TEARS will determine.

Find ERATO'S TEARS here!

Reece Herring's Web site

Introducing THE BRIGHTEST HEAVEN, available now!

Masha Holl wrote the story for Urania, the Muse of Astronomy, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Urania, Muse of Astronomy, despairs: invention rules; creativity has disappeared. Then she meets Daniel Kettering. But his research threatens time, space, and every existing world. His choice: forget science, get eternal life – or else. But first, they must save the universe, defeat Chaos, and find happiness in THE BRIGHTEST HEAVEN.


Masha Holl's Web site

Alien Places - Masha's Blog

Introducing DESTINY'S LIGHT, available now!

Robyn Wren wrote the story for Euterpe, the Muse of Music, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Hades, Zeus, Hestia and the chaos of a forgotten memory, Euterpe, the Muse of Music, hurries to fulfill her quest to unlock the buried words to complete Ceris' unfinished song. Their bond forged the night she's almost killed, Ceris must venture to the underworld to save her and bring them both into DESTINY'S LIGHT.

Find DESTINY'S LIGHT right here!

Robyn's Web site

Robyn's Blog

Introducing HIGHLAND MUSE, available now!

Sky Purington wrote the story for Melpomene, the Muse of Tragedy, for the anthology Song of the Muses, available @ The Wild Rose Press!

Melpomene, Muse of Tragedy, risks everything to save Rowan Stewart’s life. Devoted to Scotland in life and the God of War in death, Rowan struggles to understand her undying devotion to him. Can a melodramatic Grecian Goddess and a resolute Scotsman truly love one another? Find out in HIGHLAND MUSE.

Find HIGHLAND MUSE right here!

Sky Puringon's Website

Sky's Blog

Introducing ANCIENT MUSINGS, available now!

Hi, everyone!

I'm excited to announce the unveiling of Song of the Muses,
9 Tales of Romance for the 9 Muses of Inspiration,
available from
The Wild Rose Press!

Here's a peek at ANCIENT MUSINGS by Skhye Moncrief, the tale of Calliope, the Muse of Writing:

When the muse of writing, Calliope, challenges Zeus to end her immortal existence, she faces the reality of death in Hades. Only Jake Genoese, an archaeologist's soul, can outwit Zeus's Harpies and help her find new purpose. Far more is at stake when both realize they are no more than pawns for ANCIENT MUSINGS.

ANCIENT MUSINGS is available now! Right here!

Don't miss it!

Skhye Moncrief's Website

Skhye's Blog

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

LAD holds #3 for almost 2 weeks!

My launch of Looks Are Deceiving went well. LAD held it's #3 position on Siren's Best Sellers List for nearly 2 weeks, and that really shocked me! Promotions is hard work, but when you see your book on any Best Sellers List, you want to keep it up! Siren Publishing has been very good to me.

LAD goes into print in September! I can hardly wait to HOLD a book I wrote in my hands. I'm going to take it into the book store, put it on the shelf, and take a picture of it.

So strange that the first book published wasn't Luminous Nights. I always expected that to be the Big One. It still will be. I'm trying to talk my artist-exboyfriend to do a cover for LN. He's so talented. What a brat he is! One good spanking oughtta fix his wagon.

Where is Luminous Nights's publisher? Come out, come out, wherever you are....

It's No Funny Stuff 's turn. It's been some experience working on an anthology. What a writing challenge.
a) Never wrote anything so small. 35,000 words. I'm a Big Story writer.
b) Never wrote anything that must be funny. It's about Thalia, the Greek Muse of Comedy, so it demanded some chuckles. I sure wish I were Katie McAlister! She SLAYED me with You Slay Me. If you haven't read it, do.
c) Never wrote anything that hadn't sprung from my own head. My first book was 270,000 words. That's a crazy size. It's two sequels were that big too. LAD was my smallest story at 90,000.
d) Never wrote with other writers in mind.
Despite fears, I'm proud to be involved with The Wild Rose Press, really great people. The writers I've worked with are some of the nicest ladies you can imagine.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Looks Are Deceiving Debuted at #3!

It was AMAZING!! I'm so proud!

I celebrated with cheesecake and chocolate! I never expected such a great debut! I never expected so many pimples and pounds for all that sin!

I got some great reviews: 5 out of 5 Stars with "Review Your Book" and 4.5 out of 5 Stars from "Just Erotic Books". And readers have sent such nice reports.

Check out the reviews:
Sure is nice to see your name under "Bestsellers".

Saturday, May 17, 2008

2 Days to Blast-Off!

Looks Are Deceiving hits the world Monday, just 2 days away!
I'm so excited! Hold my hand!

I'll be chatting all day Monday on Siren-BookStrand's Readers' Loop! Come chat with me! I'll be giving away a copy of Looks Are Deceiving!

Don't miss a shot at a free e-book!

You gotta check out the 5-Star Review! Here's where to go:


Have you seen the book trailer? What are you waiting for? It's pretty cool!

See you Monday at Siren Publishing's Author Chat!

Be There or Be Square!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Right Around the Corner!

My newest release is coming up fast!
Looks Are Deceiving will blast off in less than 2 weeks. I'm excited, nervous, optimistic, and your garden-variety terrified. I can imagine the haunting feeling of having not done enough promotion is natural, even though you've done tons. There comes a time when you have to sit back in the audience and watch your kid perform in the high school play. I'm proud of how this story has evolved.

I've been placed in the board of my RWA local chapter. Most people probably intended to get onto the board. It strangely fell into my lap so I'm going to answer the knock of Opportunity. She's done me right in the past. Steve, one of my very best friends , told me, "90% of success is showing up and listening." He was so right!

Have you seen my book trailer for Looks Are Deceiving?
What are you waiting for?

What do you think? Write me and tell me!

Passion and love,


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looks Are Deceiving's First Review!

A review by Anna Small
author of To Tame the Wild Wind

While contemplating which brand of ketchup to buy, cash-strapped college student Elissa Baker receives a proposition by three goofy guys eager to set up their workaholic friend. The offer is too good to resist: 300 dollars to go on a blind date with Greg Moretti, whom, they assure her, is a handsome bachelor. Behind on her bills, Elissa accepts their offer, not knowing that the real reason they chose her was due to her ragtag, disheveled appearance.

Greg and the 3 “Amigos” have had a lifetime of playing jokes on each other, and Greg informs his buddies that he can fall in love with any woman, regardless of her appearance, as long as she has a brilliant mind. Little do the Amigos know that Elissa’s real beauty is hidden behind grass and dirt stains and work clothes. She appears at the classy restaurant where Greg works (turns out his wealthy family owns it) and confronts him with the stupidity and childishness of the bet. He convinces her to play along for a full month; at the end, the Amigos will award her $1,000.

Thus starts an unlikely pairing of the studious, sheltered Elissa and outgoing, devastatingly handsome Greg. As they go around town pretending to be a couple, love begins to blossom - an inconvenience to Elissa, whose sights are long-set on the FBI Academy. he resulting misunderstandings and a mysterious case of disappearing wine wraps the reader in Tampa’s seductive world of fine food, expensive wine, luxury homes, and old money.

Michele Hart has written an artful erotic romance with strong notes of suspense that leaves the reader breathless. I was drawn into the sensual world that opens up for Elissa as her love for Greg blossoms. Ms. Hart has created a page-turner that leads the reader from the underworld connections of the restaurant business to the glittering social scene of power and money, woven through with dark, sexy ribbons of desire and passion, danger and betrayal.

Looks Are Deceiving's New Stuff

Oh, I've been doing so much in preparation of
LAD's release May 19th.
There are pictures, a book review, a countdown clock,
a book trailer, and a unique contest!

Don't miss Elissa's Diary and Greg's Journal.
I finally built myself a MySpace page.
Stay tuned for my adventure written for
Thalia, the Muse of Comedy! August '08
Come over and be my MySpace friend on all the pages. Makes me look like I have lots of friends.
:-) !

Friday, March 7, 2008

Updates on Upcoming Releases!

Looks Are Deceiving

I’ve sent in my publisher edits for Looks Are Deceiving, and I’m proud of how the story has matured through two publications.

Siren Publishing was very easy to work with, and I’m sure I’ve put LAD in the best hands. Siren was voted #1 Publisher by the 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll AND Siren made 2nd Place last year. I really think LAD has landed in the top of its genre of Erotic Romantic Suspense.

Check Out Looks Are Deceiving Here!

Looks like Looks Are Deceiving's e-book release date is MAY 19th! YAY!
Siren Publishing * quality romance for the sophisicated reader

No Funny Stuff!
a tale of the muse of comedy!

I’ll be turning No Funny Stuff! over to my publisher in the next week or so, a few weeks early. I’m a touch nervous over it. The assignment, a short story with a theme supplied, was quite a challenge for me on so many levels, and I learned a lot, not just about writing, but comedy, human psychology and relationships, group dynamics, and the e-publishing industry. I wouldn't trade the experience.

Here's a bite of No Funny Stuff!

I've been quite blessed to be a part of the

SONG OF THE MUSES anthology, 9 Tales of the Greek Muses of Inspiration, Book III

No Funny Stuff! is due in e-book August!

comes in paperback October!
from The Wild Rose Press * where romance blooms

Luminous Nights awaits its moment.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


I'm proud to announce the sale of
to a fabulous publisher, Siren Publishing.
Siren is top-notch and I'm delirious to be a Siren Girl!
LOOKS ARE DECEIVING will be e-published in July '08 and print-published in December '08.
I'm pretty tickled.
December was awesome!
I contracted a short story and sold 2 full novels, plus a resale!
2008 will be break-neck and in the best way!