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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Love ShapeShifters !

This is my new website address!

Stop by, we'll have coffee ...

14th Book In The Can * ILoveShapeShifters.Com

This was a busy month for the Chele-ster.

Looks Are Deceiving
I've finished my 14th book, Looks Are Deceiving, a Short Contemporary Romance I plan to offer to Harlequin and a few others. Here's a link to the back cover blurb, if you're curious --> http://www.michelehart.com/proposalb18.htm/
Wish me luck.

I overheard Vee say a new author has a better chance of getting published with a short book than a long book, which makes sense. If a publisher has a 100K word-count story from New Author #1, and a 130K word-count from New Author #2, the publisher's going to sign the short one because it would be cheaper to produce.
Thus, the reasoning for writing a Short Contemporary.
In the past, I've tended to write large stories so I've purposely crafted a short one to hopefully quicken that book contract.

Funny, all my stories, all SciFi and Fantasies, have shapeshifters in them. When I set out to write this Short Contemporary, I wondered how I'd write a story without a shapeshifter.
About a quarter of the way through writing the project, I realized what I was writing: a story about a woman who could look like two very different people. - -> Yep, another shapeshifter story. Some habits refuse to die, altogether.

I have a new, memorable domain name, ILoveShapeShifters.Com, which I am very excited about. It sticks to the brain and requires no spelling explanations. ("That's Michele with one L, not Michelle with 2 Ls. That's Hart without the E, not heart with an E.) I like that, even developed a cool logo with it that will most likely show up in everything I do. I love designing logos, have done it for fun for years.

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

- Michele

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