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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Love ShapeShifters !

This is my new website address!

Stop by, we'll have coffee ...

14th Book In The Can * ILoveShapeShifters.Com

This was a busy month for the Chele-ster.

Looks Are Deceiving
I've finished my 14th book, Looks Are Deceiving, a Short Contemporary Romance I plan to offer to Harlequin and a few others. Here's a link to the back cover blurb, if you're curious --> http://www.michelehart.com/proposalb18.htm/
Wish me luck.

I overheard Vee say a new author has a better chance of getting published with a short book than a long book, which makes sense. If a publisher has a 100K word-count story from New Author #1, and a 130K word-count from New Author #2, the publisher's going to sign the short one because it would be cheaper to produce.
Thus, the reasoning for writing a Short Contemporary.
In the past, I've tended to write large stories so I've purposely crafted a short one to hopefully quicken that book contract.

Funny, all my stories, all SciFi and Fantasies, have shapeshifters in them. When I set out to write this Short Contemporary, I wondered how I'd write a story without a shapeshifter.
About a quarter of the way through writing the project, I realized what I was writing: a story about a woman who could look like two very different people. - -> Yep, another shapeshifter story. Some habits refuse to die, altogether.

I have a new, memorable domain name, ILoveShapeShifters.Com, which I am very excited about. It sticks to the brain and requires no spelling explanations. ("That's Michele with one L, not Michelle with 2 Ls. That's Hart without the E, not heart with an E.) I like that, even developed a cool logo with it that will most likely show up in everything I do. I love designing logos, have done it for fun for years.

Hope everyone has a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.

- Michele

Trust Me. I'm a Romance Writer.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dear SciFi Agents and Publishers ... READ ME !

I've belonged to Star Trek Social Clubs for three years now. When a female member learns I write SciFi Romance, they FREAK! They are SO READY for SciFi Romance! They want to hear about my stories, they hop on my website and read samples. I'm often asked for famous names they can rush to the bookstore and read. They are so hungry ...

SciFi will soar when the publishers UNLEASH IT! Invest in it! I'm hip-deep in the middle of SciFi fandom, and SciFi Romance is a silent sleeping want of the SciFi world. Trust me when I tell you a lot of GUYS are willing to read SciFi Romance! And more women than ever are getting into science careers and entering the SciFi world. Slightly less than half of all members of the Starfleet International Fan Club are WOMEN! That's a big audience.

There is MORE FANTASY being done in Hollywood than ever before. 19 of the Top 20 Grossing Movies of All Time are FANTASIES. There are at least 15 more movies about superheroes alone in the pipeline in Hollywood. Fantasy and SciFi are half-sisters, and SciFi is rising as well. The WANT of it is soaring!

But the SciFi fans are hungrier than the entertainment industry is feeding them. Hollywood is sprinting to catch up. Tragically, the Romance industry has not yet awakened to the huge untapped starving market! And it's not going to be a passing trend, either! Star Trek has just celebrated their 40th Anniversary of being THE most successful SciFi TV show of all time. Battlestar Galactica has just been reinvented into the biggest hit the SciFi Channel has. No one is SO misinformed to call Star Trek a trend. Trends don't last 40+ years. As we speak, new Star Trek movies are being penned by JJAbrams, the director of Mission Impossible 3. They're on their way.

Dear SciFi Agents and Publishers!

The tidal wave of SciFi popularity is in your hands! Ride the surfboard, don't be washed away from the shore!

Increase the number of SciFi Romance books published and tell the world they can be found, awaiting the SciFi fans who starve for them! Market to SciFi fans directly! Fan magazines, conventions! Market to the general public!

Tap this permanent market awaiting your notice! This world is becoming more scientific every day. SciFi Romance will be here to stay if you help it be born!

Being hip-deep in SciFi fandom and seeing it for myself, I can promise the industry great success! Add up the attendance of conventions, memberships in SciFi Fan Clubs all over the world. Add up the viewership of the SciFi Channel and the popularity of the already well-established genres of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

That's big sales, my friends! And rabid fans. I never knew more die-hard, rabid, spent-every-spare-buck-on-it fans in my life!
Let's go get them! Who's with me!?!

-Michele Hart

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hooray for FF&P !

Got some readers for my stories, way cool. RWA's Futuristic, Fantasy, and Paranormal Chapter is awesome. They've helped me much already.
I should get some good feedback.

I also spent some time building online book proposals on my website, looks good, looks good ... Got a page for every finished story. Looks good, looks good ...

Waiting to receive critiques before I start submitting again. Why waste the money of postage when you know there will be changes?

Meanwhile, I've done a little work on the single title I'm writing to introduce the Fantasy series I wrote a kabillion years ago. Cross your fingers for great inspiration.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

It's My First Time ! What Do I Say ???

This is my very first blog, and I'm a beginner at this. No laughing!
I'll have to figure out somethin' here ....

Just came back from the Romance Writers of America National Conference in Atlanta, and I don't think I've ever said, "There's no place like home", so many times.

Met my agent, a real nice guy. I have a lot of faith in him. His agency is focused on Romance, which I like, and he says I'm his only SciFi Romance author!! Yippee! He'll be pitching me a lot then hopefully.

If, as a writer, you ever thought, "Hey! I have an agent now, and the hard part's done," lean over here so I can slap you across the head. Few things worse than your agent calling you and telling you the scene you thought was your very best scene must be rewritten. Kill me now ...

Are you masochistic? Become a writer!