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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looks Are Deceiving's First Review!

A review by Anna Small
author of To Tame the Wild Wind

While contemplating which brand of ketchup to buy, cash-strapped college student Elissa Baker receives a proposition by three goofy guys eager to set up their workaholic friend. The offer is too good to resist: 300 dollars to go on a blind date with Greg Moretti, whom, they assure her, is a handsome bachelor. Behind on her bills, Elissa accepts their offer, not knowing that the real reason they chose her was due to her ragtag, disheveled appearance.

Greg and the 3 “Amigos” have had a lifetime of playing jokes on each other, and Greg informs his buddies that he can fall in love with any woman, regardless of her appearance, as long as she has a brilliant mind. Little do the Amigos know that Elissa’s real beauty is hidden behind grass and dirt stains and work clothes. She appears at the classy restaurant where Greg works (turns out his wealthy family owns it) and confronts him with the stupidity and childishness of the bet. He convinces her to play along for a full month; at the end, the Amigos will award her $1,000.

Thus starts an unlikely pairing of the studious, sheltered Elissa and outgoing, devastatingly handsome Greg. As they go around town pretending to be a couple, love begins to blossom - an inconvenience to Elissa, whose sights are long-set on the FBI Academy. he resulting misunderstandings and a mysterious case of disappearing wine wraps the reader in Tampa’s seductive world of fine food, expensive wine, luxury homes, and old money.

Michele Hart has written an artful erotic romance with strong notes of suspense that leaves the reader breathless. I was drawn into the sensual world that opens up for Elissa as her love for Greg blossoms. Ms. Hart has created a page-turner that leads the reader from the underworld connections of the restaurant business to the glittering social scene of power and money, woven through with dark, sexy ribbons of desire and passion, danger and betrayal.

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