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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview with a Daredevil

Welcome, readers of the Hero’s Blog Hop!
I’m thrilled you’ve stopped by. (I love thrills. Don't you?) Are you meeting strong and handsome heroes capable of anything?
I’ll bet you are. Have I got a hero for you!
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“But what about right now?” you ask. “I want something free!”
You read my mind. (How did you do that?)
Let’s get to that incredible hero, shall we?
Interview with a Daredevil
ILoveShape-Shifters.com chats with Jon,
the Very Bad Hero of Mind-Blown.

What would any man do,
holding the secrets to mind control
while the woman he wants resists his charms?

          Jon Paige discovers his employer developing illicit mind control techniques. He quickly learns how to hijack the system and breaks down his beautiful assistant’s persistent walls. Will Holly forgive him for sneaking into her mind, if she ever learns of it?
          Holly Maddox is determined not to dip her pen in the company ink, a policy that’s served her well…until Jon comes along. He steals her mind when he’s in the room, weakens her fortitude with every flash of his flirty eyes and secretive smile. How will she keep herself from falling in love with her boss when he melts her impulse control?
          When Jon and Holly decide to sabotage the brain-washing experiments, they learn they’re up against a greater power than they’d bargained for. Doing the right thing risks lives. Will the truth of their beginnings wreck their sizzling affair?

ILS-S.com: Welcome, Jon. Take a seat, get comfortable.

Jon takes a seat, bounces a little to test the virtue of the chair.
ILS-S.com: So, Jon, you’re the hunky and felonious hero of Mind-Blown, the spicy Sci-Fi Romance available now at BookStrand. What was your motivation to use mind control on your assistant Holly?

JON: (Smiles wildly.) Have you seen her? Take a gander at our book cover. Holly was a stubborn one, wouldn’t open the door for magic between us. A past loss had built high walls around her, and I wasn’t getting past them. It was a stroke of fate that we had divined our company’s mind control tricks. I was offered a last chance to confirm my theory of the discovery, and I took it. And I only pulled off a few small break-ins, nothing worthy of the full-blown adjective “felonious”. (Uses finger quotes.) I prefer the words “resourceful” and “unique thinker”.

ILS-S.com: (Issues a disagreeing moan.) Now, Jon. Federal law would consider the multiple penetrations of a federal medical institution felonious. Note the word "federal", Jon.

JON: (Shrugs, still smiles coolly.) I didn’t take much.
ILS-S.com: You blew up the place, Jon.

JON: (Points in counter-accusation.) That’s hear-say. This isn’t some kind of police entrapment, is it? Because I haven’t admitted to anything specifically, and you have no evidence against me. That’s what my kick-ass attorney will say to any guy wearing a black dress and banging a mallet. (Taps the microphone.) Is this thing on? Will all the G-men in the room please raise your hands?

ILS-S.com: No, Jon, I’m not a government agent.

JON: Spy says what?

ILS-S.com: I’m not falling for that, Jon. So, you tested your theory on Holly?

JON: I actually tested it on a group of unknowing employees, but I did slip a little subliminal romantic help into Holly’s memory experiment. Just to see if I could weaken her stifling opposition against spending casual off-time with me.

ILS-S.com: You say the opportunity to change her mind about not dating coworkers was just too juicy to pass up?

JON: It was. I’m a weak man for a hot redhead and legs up to her chin. I blame a loss of good judgment from basking in Holly’s bewitching company five days a week.

ILS-S.com: Sounds shifty in the employer-ethics corner. Even sounds bad for a friend to have done to another friend.

JON: That it had been, a violation, really. I’m not usually one to wish for this sort of power over another person. I’d felt very badly after I’d done it. I’d wished to undo it, and had thought to confess…until Holly kissed me and led me to her bed. I’d lost all interest in guilt somewhere along the way to her bedroom. Listening to the music of her panting my name in my ear had made me realize there was no going back. Not that I’d wanted to, at that point.

ILS-S.com: Was it a case of desperate people doing desperate things?

JON: Yes, it was exactly that. I’d wanted Holly and lost my mind.

ILS-S.com: I guess you’d figured you’d never get caught. It didn’t end well, did it?

JON: (Shakes his head, looks remorseful, a bit haunted.) No. I hadn’t anticipated my little test-run of brain-washing would end like this at all. By the time it was over, I’d ended up in a red-smeared bunny suit—yes, a bunny suit—with the world media involved. And the FBI asking questions. Even worse, I’d nearly lost Holly. We’ll be in hiding for months, maybe years. We’re in our own little witness protection program.

ILS-S.com: We’ll not tell where you are. When the story had broken world-wide, the President had said he’d like to see you.

JON: I’m open to that, but not Holly. She stays in hiding. The CIA scientists have put her through enough. We’re lucky they hadn’t liquefied her brain. Another thirty seconds…and the unbuffered electro-shock would have killed her. I don’t want to think of it. It just makes me angry.

ILS-S.com: (Refocuses the interview.) Your little thought experiment uncovered an insidious, powerful corporate/government conspiracy and had exploded into big changes for several government agencies. The FDA, the AMA, the NIH, the CDC, the FBI.

JON: Another strike against the very evil CIA. Hopefully, all governments will think again before they try such things on smart, aware people. Somewhere, there will lurk patriots with no fear.

ILS-S.com: Patriots with no fear. Thanks for dropping by, Jon.

JON: It was my pleasure. Watch your government, people.
~ ~ ~
Find out how badly Jon’s mind control experiment went.
And what came out right.
Mind-Blown by Michele Hart
Buy Link:
Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, BookStrand,
and everywhere exciting adventures await you.

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Welcoming the Darkness...

Welcome, lovers of darkness.

     I hope you're enjoying the blog hop, When the Darkness Falls. I love the dark, don't you?

     Firstly, I have stuff for you. Who doesn't love stuff?

          Secondly, drop your email address into a comment for this blog entry, and I'll draw a name and give away an ebook copy of my Angels and Demons/Sci-Fi Romantic Adventure, Vigilant. Learn about Vigilant here. 

     Onto worship of the dark. Don't you love to hide in shadows and mystery, and watch the weak candlelight flickering and failing to fight back the insidious night?

     Suppressing dark thoughts and frightening fantasies, my men hunt demons by orders of the angels. To the  mortal realm, they are I-Marshals, law enforcement with unlimited jurisdiction to police the wildlands of Alliance space. But in the war played just above the mortal realm, the I-Marshals serve as Nephilim demon hunters, the sons of fallen angels, their disgraced bloodlines spawned at the beginning of mankind's history. The Nephilim, the bad and the good, live among us in a future where crime and the hellish forces behind it have no boundaries but the galaxy. Demons, the source of most human misery, are in possession of human forms and at work to drive souls into hopelessness.

     Today, I give you Gangbusters, Book 3 of I-Marshal Stories, a tale of a dark hero who uses his Nephilim talents to accomplish heavenly duty, though he considers his soul condemned. He doesn't even care to be happy in this life as long as he can make up for his crimes.

     Danny is a deep and murky thinker. Disturbed by a childhood of gangland wars and street executions, he can't help it that his mind goes to acts of cruelty when he holds a demon in his fists. Danny is demonseed. Even his role as angel of death cannot deter him from his love of torture. The highest of angels, Metatron worries for Danny's soul.

     And Danny worries for Faith, who will wander, unprotected, into a den of devils for something as stupid as a story. The expose she wishes to write will turn a hidden war of angels versus demons into a galaxywide apocalypse of the mortal realm. How will Danny keep her quiet?

     He'll start with a hot kiss.

Daniel Tierney and his fellow I-Marshals take down the organizations producing the most dangerous substance in the Alliance. But investigative reporter Faith Vedder turns up at the worst times, including Danny’s near-assassination. He’s had enough of her interference and requires her source of information.

Faith won’t tell him anything that compromises her Pulitzer-worthy story, not even under the magic of hot attraction. She doesn’t know she’s surrounded by fallen angels at war. Danny’s not finished making demands. She doesn’t understand until a giant, snorting, winged monster slobbers down her back, threatening to flay her.

The gangbusters can’t delay in their mission to shut down gangs until Danny learns the new criminal kingpin of their world is a man who once held Faith’s heart. In the guise of a gangland executioner named Heretic, Danny will destroy him. Even if it destroys Faith.

Angels are watching. Demons are plotting. Faith is the key.

Come on. Read the creepy stuff.

[ This excerpt is rated R for nasty threats of punishment. Just awful stuff.

And that’s coming from the Good Guy. He means business. ]

         Wherever Calderon went, he opened a gun shop, even on the planets where guns were outlawed. It was his screw-you to the authorities.
          The I-Marshal had a screw-you for Calderon from the entire Alliance, hand-delivered. This was Danny's favorite part of the job, having custody of an invisible super-suit. Hurrah for Alliance technology secrets.
          Unseen, Danny paced into Calderon’s gun store, walked right past the gangster’s bulky guards and into the firing range, not needing to kill the guards to keep them from spotting his talk with their boss.
          The oily Calderon stood alone in a shooting booth, firing a variety of firearms, both projectile and beam weapons. The mobster’s range time was the only time he was without his posse in attendance or women on his arm. The familiar smell of gunpowder made Danny smile. He watched for a while to see if Calderon was a good shot. He was. But it wasn’t going to help him.
          When Danny felt like it, he walked up to Calderon unsuspecting, and he clocked the mobster, sending him to the concrete floor.
          Minutes later, Calderon awakened to find himself hanging upside down a half-meter in the air at the target-end of the shooting range, his hands cuffed behind his back, his body wrapped in and suspended by the cables that operated the target-retrieval system of the range. His eyes rolled upward to find Danny’s gold I-Marshal badge jammed in his mouth and no one in the room.
          No one visible.
          “Go ahead,” Danny spoke loudly into the gangster’s ear. “Scream all you want.”
          Calderon did. He screamed as much as he could, his mouth stuffed with a big eight-point star, and it wasn’t enough to penetrate the soundproofed range. He looked terrified. Good.
          When the criminal scourge of planet Reigna wore himself out squealing like a pig, Danny plucked the badge from his mouth and wiped it on Calderon’s expensive suit.
     “I’m here for a few reasons, demon. First, to avenge the wholesale death, corruption, and misery you’ve caused the mortal worlds for millennia. I’m going to visit all your brothers connected, and I’m going to destroy every one of you.”
     Calderon thrashed in his bonds to no avail. He only swung for his efforts like a pendulum blade.
          “Secondly, I’ve been sent to avenge your wife’s murder, and that of her family.”
          “Who sent you?” the gangster spat, livid to find himself in this vulnerable position.
          “Faith Vedder. You remember her, the reporter who’s on you like…blasphemy on a devil’s lips. You met her today.”
          The crook snorted. “I recognized her right away.”
          “I thought you might have. That’s why I’m here to dismantle you. She actually hasn’t asked me to kill you yet. But she will. That you will be dead before she calls the shot is just a trick of time. Going against you.”
          Calderon shouted again for his boys, and rocked himself in an effort to bring his body down from his bonds. When he tired, he gave up, still swinging from side to side.
          “Keep calling for your buddies. I’ll pick them off like duck targets.”
          “Why are you waiting to destroy me, Marshal?”
          “I want some information from you. What do you know about a street manager on planet Valdeya called Freak? Lie to me, and I’ll call upon Metatron to get the truth from you. If you make me call upon my master, I’ll cut your tongue out, and he’ll have a hard time understanding your answer. You don’t wish to give the highest of angels a difficult time, do you? He will consign you to the Fifth Heaven where your punishment will last an eternity. He has no mercy for corruptors.”
          Calderon sweated like a turkey shown the chopping block. “Freak… He’d been a high-level employee of the Juicers. I’d sold him the job of killing Faith Vedder. I’d been told he’d taken the contract to Boss, who’d given it to Heretic.”
          It didn’t surprise the I-Marshal. Contract killings were often passed through a chain of criminals to erase the true originator.
          “Clearly, Heretic hadn’t done his job. I found him at the woman’s side earlier today.”
          Danny disengaged his invisibility, removed the helmet and the cowl beneath it, and set them down beside him on the floor. The gangster sucked in a slow breath of shock to see him and put it together that his long-time associate from the black-market underground was an undercover I-Marshal.
          “I always do my job. You’re not making any more plans for Faith. She’s fantasizing of your destruction now.”
          “Is a third-rate reporter calling your shots now, Heretic?”
          “Keep mouthing off, and I’ll put my C-breaker down your throat and cook you from the inside out. When was the last time you heard from Freak?”
          The click of Heretic’s switchblade rushed the monster into saying, “Weeks ago.”
          “Before or after Boss’s crew got hit on Valdeya?”
          “Before. A week before, I’m sure of it. I’m guessing Freak died in that hit.”
          Heretic knew Freak had survived his destruction somehow, and he knew Calderon lied.
          “So you didn’t kill Faith Vedder…and you’re screwing her now… Isn’t that against I-Marshal rules?”
          “Don’t provoke me, demon. I’m not a man of limits.”
          The gangster’s vision roamed the target range and his position in it. “Are you planning some shooting practice on me?”
          “What good would it do? We both know that won’t end your sick existence. You’ll just regenerate in a day or two in that body. Unless I give you a thorough destruction.”
          Calderon nervously chuckled, his peace disturbed. “You’ve a bit of a reputation as a torturer, Heretic. Wouldn’t you rather take your anger out on me and let me live, giving you a source of information?”
          “I’d like to take my anger out on you. Especially since I saw you put your grubby demon lips on Faith today, attempting to defile her. I’d carve my initials in your scaly chest for that. Maybe force you to transform completely, let your wings sprout…so I can slip my blade beneath them and cut them from your demon back. Carve the horns from your demon skull. Pull the fangs from your demon face.”
          Calderon shuddered, probably imagining himself stripped of his evil tools.
          “But letting you live for what little info you could provide violates my mission to destroy you and your kind. I’ll do what I must to end your existence. By the way...” Heretic lifted the gold chains hanging around Calderon’s greasy neck with his blade. “I arrest you in the name of the Draco Alliance. Now it’s official.”
          “Stop pretending to be a cop, Heretic,” Calderon growled. “You’re formed from the same dark and wicked flame as me…son of fire.”
          “I guess it’s in my nature to see you suffer.”
          “It’s a sin you love too much.”
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