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Nephilim - The offspring of the marriages (or rapes) of the daughters of Man by the sons of the Maker, the fallen angels.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Updates on Upcoming Releases!

Looks Are Deceiving

I’ve sent in my publisher edits for Looks Are Deceiving, and I’m proud of how the story has matured through two publications.

Siren Publishing was very easy to work with, and I’m sure I’ve put LAD in the best hands. Siren was voted #1 Publisher by the 2007 Preditors & Editors Readers Poll AND Siren made 2nd Place last year. I really think LAD has landed in the top of its genre of Erotic Romantic Suspense.

Check Out Looks Are Deceiving Here!

Looks like Looks Are Deceiving's e-book release date is MAY 19th! YAY!
Siren Publishing * quality romance for the sophisicated reader

No Funny Stuff!
a tale of the muse of comedy!

I’ll be turning No Funny Stuff! over to my publisher in the next week or so, a few weeks early. I’m a touch nervous over it. The assignment, a short story with a theme supplied, was quite a challenge for me on so many levels, and I learned a lot, not just about writing, but comedy, human psychology and relationships, group dynamics, and the e-publishing industry. I wouldn't trade the experience.

Here's a bite of No Funny Stuff!

I've been quite blessed to be a part of the

SONG OF THE MUSES anthology, 9 Tales of the Greek Muses of Inspiration, Book III

No Funny Stuff! is due in e-book August!

comes in paperback October!
from The Wild Rose Press * where romance blooms

Luminous Nights awaits its moment.