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Friday, May 30, 2008

LAD holds #3 for almost 2 weeks!

My launch of Looks Are Deceiving went well. LAD held it's #3 position on Siren's Best Sellers List for nearly 2 weeks, and that really shocked me! Promotions is hard work, but when you see your book on any Best Sellers List, you want to keep it up! Siren Publishing has been very good to me.

LAD goes into print in September! I can hardly wait to HOLD a book I wrote in my hands. I'm going to take it into the book store, put it on the shelf, and take a picture of it.

So strange that the first book published wasn't Luminous Nights. I always expected that to be the Big One. It still will be. I'm trying to talk my artist-exboyfriend to do a cover for LN. He's so talented. What a brat he is! One good spanking oughtta fix his wagon.

Where is Luminous Nights's publisher? Come out, come out, wherever you are....

It's No Funny Stuff 's turn. It's been some experience working on an anthology. What a writing challenge.
a) Never wrote anything so small. 35,000 words. I'm a Big Story writer.
b) Never wrote anything that must be funny. It's about Thalia, the Greek Muse of Comedy, so it demanded some chuckles. I sure wish I were Katie McAlister! She SLAYED me with You Slay Me. If you haven't read it, do.
c) Never wrote anything that hadn't sprung from my own head. My first book was 270,000 words. That's a crazy size. It's two sequels were that big too. LAD was my smallest story at 90,000.
d) Never wrote with other writers in mind.
Despite fears, I'm proud to be involved with The Wild Rose Press, really great people. The writers I've worked with are some of the nicest ladies you can imagine.

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