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Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Person Most Excited

The greatest people I've come across in my life are a wonderful couple named Ron and Roberta Parshley. Bobbie Parshley is the most giving of people, sacrificed time with her husband so that he could help someone in need. If she ever complained, and she had the right to, I never saw it. I had the chance to live with them for a while, and I never saw a more generous person. Roberta Parshley has the most perfect soul possible in a human. She lives on an Alabama farm now around family and animals, her greatest loves. God, wait to take her sweet soul to Heaven just a little bit longer than she wants to hang out so the people around her can be so lucky.

Thank you, Bobbie, for all you gave me, much more than you know. You're the closest person to being a saint I've ever known. I love you, Bobbie.

Ron Parshley. I don't know where to start. He was my mentor, my life's best friend, my father, priest, my fellow journeyman on this path. Although I'd spent my life studying the Ancient Egyptians and Greeks, Ron opened the entire world of history to me on so many more planes, spiritually most importantly. More than just myth but the development of the soul, of God. He changed me immensely. Ronald Parshley, Lord Sylvanis, had been one of the co-founders of both the National Association of Pantheism and The Pagan Allied Network, a direct initiate from Alexander Sanders' hand. I'm so very proud to be of that line :-) The entire pagan world with miss him until we pass from this life. Freedom of Religion in the United States owes much to dedication and love of Ronald Allan Parshley. So do I. He was my most beloved cheerleader in writing. He'd had so much faith in me, he'd recommended me to a very well-known pagan author and personality for the position of co-author of her upcoming book. I'd declined, unready for such a big task. He'd be so proud to see me Greek Myth Romance. He'd be the person most excited for me. I lost Ron in 2001, about a month after 9/11. He's my life's greatest loss. He'll always be missing. I love you, Ron.

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