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Saturday, December 15, 2007

2007 ROCKED for Michele!

Clearly, I'm Santa's favorite!

I have sold Looks Are Deceiving!

That's right! Juicy publisher, too! LAD did far better than I ever expected. I figured it was an e-book and that's all it would ever be, but I was so wrong!

LAD will be born into the print world December 2008!
The anthology I'm currently working on will be in print October 2008.

Luminous Nights just might be signed in the next few weeks, making 2007 a year of Rock-n-Roll for Michele! If LN comes through, I will have sold 3 full-length novels and a short story. If not, hey, 2 full novels and a short story sale is not loafing!

HA! I remember New Year's Eve 2006 saying to myself, "I need to start looking for a job. This writing-thing doesn't look like it's going to work."
-- Famous last words! --

It was The Wild Rose Press who wrote me on New Year's Day to request the full manuscript for LAD. That kept me going, had come at the perfect, most needful time. They didn't buy it that first round, and for good reasons that helped me become a better writer. And I have a wonderful relationship with TWRP. They were the ones who invited me into the anthology!

2008 will be a busy year! The busiest of my life! Busy is GREAT!

Love to all,

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