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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Lucky Girl !

I've been invited into a Fantasy anthology!
That's the cool side of the pillow!!!

I've been invited to submit a short story for a Mythology series for an RWA-approved publisher, with whom I have 2 submissions. I'm taking that as a good sign for at least the Sci-Fi/Fantasy submission. Even if they pass on my first 2 submissions, they must like my writing, so I'll just take it as a positive.

Gonna be a fun project! It's an anthology with 9 assignments, and it looks like they're mixing unpublished and published authors. I'm bound to learn a boatload of important stuff, and that's the best part. (OK, seeing my name on a book cover will be the best part. But becoming a better writer is just fractions of a molecule away in second place.)

I'm assigned a task to write a comedic story. I've written funny lines, funny scenes, but not a funny story. And here's my chance! I'm very excited, got great ideas.

I'm such a lucky girl. I come from a HILARIOUS family! My sister, my very favorite comedy partner, just spent a year living with me, and there wasn't a day we didn't put Mom in laughing fits. Gee, Sister just left this week and I miss her! My brother's another one. Although we don't get along, he KILLS me when he gets on a roll. One of the funniest guys in the world, IMO. (Don't tell him I said that.)

So, I'm really looking forward to working my comedy bones.

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