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Thursday, September 6, 2007

September 5th I Became a Published Author

I'm pleased to announce the publication of my novel, Looks Are Deceiving, available through StarDust Press. Break out the confetti and the brass band!

It was scary. I often wanted my mommy, even though it actually had been easy with very few corrections.

A step forward, a big one. Somebody, hold my hand. I've got lots of marketing to do! Here I go! I'm excited about the next step.

I've been offered a contract on Luminous Nights and a rejection from a publisher who REALLY wants LN if I fluff it up. Having two sales in the first year sure would be cool.

Must make the right decision ... Scary.

1 comment:

Vicki said...

Yea!!! I'm so excited for you. How cool is this. :D